June 8, 2008


I don't know what my problem is lately - but I am completely unable to get motivated to do anything on my first day off every weekend. That means that yesterday (because I worked this Friday) I sat on the couch in my PJ's until almost 2, then I ran errands, etc.
Today, I slept late and it was lovely. JB and I took the dogs for coffee (we get coffee they get a nice walk and a couple of cookies). When we got home I fixed brunch. JB then went shopping for dirt and more food to add to the yard.
I knit and talked to The Princess. Once I got off the phone I worked on some dog themed coasters. I have a couple of birthday packages to put together. One I am already behind on and the other I'm sure will be late too by the time I get my act together.
Each of these coasters is made from 6 different fabrics. They are all 5" squares, plus a square of batting. Then you fold 4 of the squares in half, weave them together, layer, sew and turn. They turn out pretty cute. The first picture shows some of the backs, the next shows the front and the last is of the stacks - one is done done. Tied and ready to be packaged. One is just done and still needs a tie and the last stack still needs to be sewn, but I ran out of time.


  1. Cute, cute! And that's what weekends are for... downtime. So don't apologize for relaxing a bit.

  2. CUTE!!
    Nothing wrong with taking a down day and staying in your jam jams till 2!

  3. Your coasters are awesome... I've gotten compliments on the ones you sent me!!! You should really open up an Etsy store... :-)

    ENjoy the down time while you can!!

  4. I love these. I would BUY these as they are both adorable and functional. Your friends are lucky to receive them as gifts!

  5. Those coasters look great!!

  6. Love the coasters. I can't even find any dog print fabric around our area.


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