June 5, 2008

Boring Dogs

It's been a cold, slow week with not much happening. The most exciting dog thing this week was Beau got to go with JB to buy new dog food. But JB doesn't understand the necessity of taking all pictures and I was at knitting, so . . . Dudley, no longer afraid of his new bowl. Abby -you can't tell how dainty she really is when eating. She takes a mouthful of kibble out of her bowl, puts it on the floor around her, and then eats it one small piece at a time. Lucy, is almost always the first dog done. She will tell you she's starving every time and usually steals a mouthful before being released. They have to do tricks for their supper.
Lucy, going to check Beau out - he's growling her back because he's not done yet. They all have bone shaped cork mats to help protect my floors and keep the slime away.
Everyday after eating, Beau runs downstairs and out into the yard - sniffing like a hound.
Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone.


  1. I love your dogs. They crack me up.

    We are now feeding Mugsy separately, because if Sissy gets in the same room while he's eating, he begins to REALLY gobble his food.

  2. Great pics and DOT post - as always!

  3. OMG...there is a kibble on Abby's ear. That is too funny!

  4. I was inspired by these adorable pictures to post one of my Jeffrey eating breakfast while Thor watches hungrily. Now, Jeff's fixing the doggy fence as Thor supervises; seems fair to me. I love the colors of Lucy and Beau!

  5. Your dogs are precious! I love the dainty eater. lol

  6. Your dogs look so huggable! Is that a word? I hope so because I suspect these babies get lots of hugs. My kids would be in heaven with those four sweeties. In fact, my sister recently asked my youngest what her goals in life were ... kind of a heart to heart talk. My wee one quite seriously responded that her goal is to get a dog!

  7. Those are great pictures. I'm catching up on blog posts. All the post of your wearing your knits and sewn items are great!!


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