March 21, 2008

Ta Da

Pattern: Argosy, modified to become a triangle
Inspired by: Chan, as evidenced here
Modeled by: My Friend D (Great Yarns! in the background)
Yarn: ShiBui Sock in cream, 5 hanks + 3 ounces
Needles: Addi Turbo Lace, 47" length, US 4s
Time: 1 month


  1. wow! that is really pretty! it will be perfect for cool summer evenings.

  2. Quite lovely. Sigh. It makes a good argument for wool over Tofutsies...

  3. I'm jealous of your ability to get things done. It looks great!

  4. jgTook me long enough to catch up reading my fav blogs!
    The shawl looks great! You're quick, GF!

    Wish my Great Yarns! was that nice.....or friendly. I shop there as little as possible. Glad the LYS nearer to me is so friendly.


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