March 15, 2008

Some Days

I have lots of words and no pictures. Lately, I seem to have lots of pictures, but no words. Friday night JB and I went to Applebee's for dinner. Work has been busy and stressful and I needed a night out. I took The Princess' Pink socks which have been cast on again. I have no finished the first of 7 1/2 pattern repeats - on both socks! Today we ran errands. Including a stop at Village Yarn & Tea where I picked up 3 hanks of Cascade Sierra Quarto in color 81 for a new baby who's sex will remain anonymous until arrival.
When I got home, there was a little patch of sun shinning on my hardwood floors and it just looked like the perfect place for a photo shoot. Hope you had a little sunshine in your life this Saturday.


  1. Pretty colors! What are you making with it?

  2. That quatro knits up so pretty. Glad you're seeing sun in patches. Spring is def on the way.


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