March 10, 2008

Slowly Moving Along

So, this weekend I slowly started progress on the second version of Simplicity 3774. This version is from a chocolate brown poly with pink and cream polka dots. The polka dots are about the size of nickels. For this version, I decided to move the zipper from the center back to the side seam - of course, I didn't think of this until after I cut the fabric so there are still center back seams in the bodice and waist pieces. I also decided to add pipping to the neckline, both sides of the midriff band and the bottom of the sleeves. What I didn't want was just a folded piece of fabric inserted in those seams, so first I filled 1.25" straight grain pieces of the cream with 1/16" cotton cording. This can generally be purchased in the home dec section of the fabric store. Finally, I am lining the poly version with a lightweight cotton fabric to give the poly some body and keep it from clinging. Since this fabric ravels like nobody's business, I'm going slowly and trying not to manhandle the fabric too much. All of the edges are either serged, pinked or enclosed in another seam and topstitched. The other photo - the 'wearable muslin' of the same dress. I really like this dress, it is comfortable and easy to wear. The skirt is full enough to feel 'flirty' without being huge.


  1. What a cute dress! I really like that fabric.

  2. Love the floral dress. Very pretty. Looks soft and comfy.

  3. What a cute dress! Nice easy style - could be nice for work or just running around on a weekend with a pair of flip flops.

    The polka dot one will be equally cute. I love polka dots!

  4. cute, G! I am envious that you can wear dresses with tops like that, with your trim shoulders. I have football player shoulders. Lovely image, no?


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