March 9, 2008


Last year, my boss bought me a cute little pink apple iPod shuffle to listen to while on my treadmill. Until tonight I hadn't loaded it. The Musical One kept saying she would help me - but then nothing. After talking to my friend Y this week about her new iPod, I decided it was time to figure out how to load mine. It was pretty easy. The goal is that Monday's treadmill workout will go a little faster and maybe I won't be a focused on the 'track.' I'm looking forward to using this little puppy - should be fun to hear some of my old favorite music that I had bought on cd's but never listen to because the radio is always on at work and in my car :)


  1. I had a shuffle for a year - Christmas present from the boss and I loved it. It's portable, would fit into my coat pocket or clip to my jacket and it was easy to load. I've moved up to the Nano - another Christmas gift from my boss and my middle DD inherited the shuffle! You will love walking the treadmill with it Gay!

  2. The treadmill workout will definitely be faster!! :)

  3. I am so jealous. "boris" has the cool gadgets here at Becher Haus. I'm sorta hoping he'll get me one for the b-day, except he never "does" surprises. I'll bet your workout will fly by! Yay, you, for getting motivated. I'm still pondering....

  4. Glad you FINALLY got that done. I love my iPod!


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