March 3, 2008

Look Ma

I made a skirt! This is Simplicity 5914. Which several years ago (the first one I made was for The Princess who wore it to a high school dance), Carolyn made a couple of these skirts and on the now defunct Sewing World site it became known as "The Carolyn Skirt."
I made this straight out of the envelope. It's the same size as the one I made years back - which was an 18 for the center front and back pieces and a 22 for the side pieces. For this version I added 2" to the length. From start to finish this took less than 3 hours. It's not lined and I did nothing fancy. I started when I got home from getting the iron, had to find the pattern, cut the fabric, thread both the sewing machine and serger and wait for the new iron to heat up. My plan is to wear this skirt with the almost finished Lattice and Lace sweater to knitting on Wednesday. If it works - I'll attempt a mirror shot :)


  1. I have a skirt made from this pattern also, and I really like it alot. I'm planning to make another one.

  2. Wow! That was quick! I can't wait to see it on you! I really do need to pull this skirt out and revisit it!

  3. It is indeed a good skirt...I can't wait for spring time! :) I love skirts... and also you'll be here then!


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