March 24, 2008

A Litte Distraction

I did manage to work a little bit on my dress this past weekend, but not enough that it looks any different than the last photo. (Well that's not entirely true, I got the sleeves set in - Yea Stacy! and the lining sewn to the neckline. I also found out that the same way you roll and turn a garment to sew an armhole seam in a lined sleeves garment works on a garment with sleeves - another yea.)
Okay ~ here's the distraction. A cute little sweater for a friends new baby boy who can be seen here (scroll down). I can't remember where the pattern came from. I started sometime in early November and had all the pieces constructed before the end of the month. It is made from ivory cashmerino aran so that means it's white and hand wash - for a baby - what was I thinking? Oh well, I'm sure the happy parents will love and use it.


  1. Cute, cute! Some things are worth hand-washing...

  2. OOOh, it's gorgeous! I agree, there are a few things that are worth hand washing!

  3. Just send it with a bottle of Eucalan...gorgeous!

  4. I love it!!! I have another new niece or nephew coming in July, as well as another 2nd cousin on Matt's side.... I better get knitting!

  5. You're so sweet.
    But the funny part is she didn't mention that she knit most of it while sitting in front of me teaching me to knit while I was home on bedrest!
    I promise to wash it with care.


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