March 26, 2008

Last Bit of Diversionary Tactics

Okay - this is truly the last of the diversionary tactics. Right now there is no sewing coming out of the studio, but there is cutting. Friday I'll show you what I've been doing and where I'll be until Sunday :)
So the pictures - yep socks! These socks were gifted to The Musical One for Christmas. I asked and asked but never saw her wearing them, nor could I get her to send me a photo.
When she was home for Easter I told her to take my camera and take a picture. The first one is what I got! K.I.D.S! Anyway - I don't for the life of me remember any of the information. It was a self-striping sock yarn knit on US0s. I knit the socks one at a time on little tiny double pointed needles.
When I saw this photo - I asked her if they always slouch like that - she said yes, but I like them that way! Maybe next time I'll knit her the Burning Rings of Fire socks - they are cute and look like they are suppose to be slouchy!
Pre-Sewing on Friday - actual sewing on Sunday - I may be silent on Saturday unless I can borrow a computer.


  1. Socks. You know how I love socks... What are you trying to divert? ;)

  2. Yes. Please knit the Burning Rings of Fire socks and have TMO pose in them with some tacky pumps and tights like in the picture. Somehow, I just don't see her doing it... :)
    You know if you knit them at KnitNights, I'll be laughing inside. But not at you.

  3. You can borrow my computer on Saturday to record your accomplishments!


  4. Nice! I'm sure you will get back to sewing soon :)


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