March 11, 2008


I don't know if I have ever shared this. The sweater was hand knit by me. It's Lisa from Debbie Bliss: Book Seven. Obviously, I made it longer than the pattern in the book and did not use Debbie Bliss Casmerino Aran. Instead I used Queensland Kathmandu DK in a pink tweed. This was my first real cable project. I really loved knitting it - however next time I would rather have a chart than line by line instructions. I kept getting lost in the instructions. If I were to make this sweater again (and I love it - so I just might) I would use a rich color and use the cashmerino. I have another sweater out of cashmerino and I love it! I would also make a size smaller and make the turtleneck shorter.
This was the first sweater that I knit where JB found out how much knitting a sweater costs. Until then he was still under the delusion that people knit sweaters because it costs less than purchasing them. HA! He now knows it's for the pure and simple enjoyment of taking two sticks and a piece of string and coming away with a piece of wearable fabric! And for the cost of entertainment - it's still less expensive than going to a movie.


  1. Good looking sweater!
    'Ain't it the truth!' about the guys having no clue what our habit costs? LOL!

  2. LOVE it! That's just wonderful.

  3. Nice sweater! And I agree completely about chart vs written, especially for anything with cables or YOs.
    Aww... he thought it saved money to knit?... how sweetly naive. How sad to have to disallusion him... maybe you shouldn't have? ;^)

    BTW: I keep meaning to write you an email back. I've been sick, but I do want to respond.

  4. Love the cables ... very classy!


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