March 28, 2008

I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date

Twice a year the Chapter of the American Sewing Guild that I belong to (The Greater Seattle Chapter) has a Retreat. I have belonged to this guild for almost 5 years now. My neighborhood group is fabulous and the entire chapter is wonderful. Anyway, the first time I was ever able to go to retreat was documented here. I had a great time, but had no idea what to expect. This weekend is the Spring Retreat, and while I'll miss JB and the dogs - I'm gonna have a great time! This time, I have spent the week leading up to retreat cutting things out. I feel prepared. That, ---> over there --->, Yep, that's my trunk loaded down. I'm taking my sewing machine and serger along with a slew of pre-cut projects. The pre-assembled projects include: 2 Aprons, 1 handbag, 3 skirts, and 6 knit tops. I also have with me linen for a dress, muslin to try out a shirt dress pattern and another piece of knit for a top. Ms. Carpe Acum has offered me the loan of her computer so I can let you guys know tomorrow how far I've gotten on my lofty sewing goals! Gotta run, the doors opened at 9:31 (right now) and I've still got an hours drive ahead of me!


  1. ooooh...have lots of fun! i am jealous that you will get spend the weekend with "ms carpe acum." would you say "hi" for me? Oh, and tell her i finished another spool of thread....she'll know what i mean. :)


  2. Oh fun! Tell Saralynn hello from me too. A whole weekend without (taking care of) dogs, husband, or looking at dust bunnies ... bliss!

  3. Have a really good time! And I hope that not only do you get a lot of sewing done but that you have lots of wonderful sewing conversations, fabric swaps and generally get your fill of all things sewing!


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