March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

(As an aside - everything I think "Happy Something" it doesn't matter what it is I hear Frosty's voice saying "Happy Birthday!)
I have been wanting a cake plate to display pretty cakes of yarn that I haven't gotten around to knitting yet. But - with four big hound doggies, a cake plate isn't the most practical idea.
Friday while doing more Cinderellas (grocery shopping this time) I found this beautiful wire Easter basket. It was on sale for $8! Since my sewing room has lots of wire items, I thought it would work. So now I will display my yarn cakes in this cute shallow wire Easter Basket.
Hope everyone who celebrates has a beautiful Easter. And that everyone else has a fabulous day. g


  1. Oh G, I LOVE that basket. And your yarns look so pretty and spring-like. Hope you have been able to spend the day in your sewing room.

    Happy Easter!!

  2. That's beautiful! I was hoping to hit a few stores for after Easter sales today, but MIL is sick, so the phone is ringing off the hook...


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