March 16, 2008


How many dogs do you have? Four. What are her/his/their names? Dudley & Abigail are Basset hounds; Beauregard & Lucy are bloodhounds. What are her/his/their favorite toys? Anything that makes noise. What are your favorite treats? sock yarn, sock yarn, new pattern books, and jelly bellies. What are her/his/their favorite treats? cookies and bones. What are her/his/their/persons favorite colors? Seems to be all about pink lately. Also, pink/brown combos. What allergies do you and/or your dog(s) have? None.


  1. Fickle here... Pink and brown are ALWAYS a great combo! I hope you are well-spoiled.

  2. I was reading this, and I thought that it said what are the dogs favorite treats, and then it said sock yarn, sock yarn, patterns, and jellie bellies! I was laughing so hard....haha, but then I realized that was your favorite treats! tee hee :)

  3. Pink & brown is always great!


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