February 14, 2008

Slobbery Dogs

I don't have any new photos of the dogs - they haven't been remarkably cute or funny lately. Quite frankly they have just been slobbery and drooly and wanting to leave their doggy slime trails all over me - gross!!

And, since I seem to be super crankly these days - I don't find slobber and drool amusing. YUCK!

So, since it's Hallmark Holiday No 1. of 2008, I'll set the cranky aside and love up on their slobbery faces (right after I towel them off!).

Here's a little cute story - it's all I've got. Earlier this week when JB stopped to get dog food. He picked up some small, inexpensive toys for Lucy. She's really our toy player-wither. Anyway, in the photo below you can see she wants to take a nap but keep her toy safe from Beau - all at the same time. She did it!


  1. My Trixie often sleeps with her head on a toy. It hadn't occurred to me that she might be guarding it. I thought she just wanted a pillow!

  2. You did have a cute picture. I love it. Grover hasn't been real "cute" either lately, but he's still a sweetheart. I think it's winter and we are all sick to death of it.

  3. I could read about your dogs FOREVER!!!
    So cute, Lucy guarding her dollies.

  4. LOL! What a great chuckle I had reading your post today!
    I just loooove your drooly dogs.
    I think I feeling your drool pain as Elise has been quite the slobber master lately whenever we peel and orange or bake a chicken she turns on the drool like a faucet! Then she shakes her head and the slobber takes flight!
    But you have four drool masters!
    My goodness woman you deserve a medal!

    By the way I would really like to do a DoT Doggie Spotlight on one of your slobber babies!
    Please email me!

  5. Mugsy is a guardian of his toys too. I used to keep a special hand towel near the doors and the water bowl for Fred. So far, Sissy's ears are more of a problem that her mouth... I'd make her wear a snood, but I don't think she's tolerate it 24/7, which is what we'd need!

  6. Lucy is so cute!!! Guarding her toys, keeping them from Beau! Sunny steals all the toys at our house. :-)

  7. Cute pics! Happy Halmark V-Day! :)

  8. Those are some great Pictures!!! I love the last one..the sleeping toy safe position. Abby has that down too. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  9. I am with you on the slobber.

    And they are very cute, even sleeping

  10. Apparently your Lucy is sweet when she guards her toys. Guarding at my house means war if the other dog gets too close.


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