February 22, 2008

Simplicity 3673 Makes a Debut

Okay, so I finally wore the embroidered grey flannel dress made from S3673. I went with Shannon's suggestion and paired it with a black turtleneck, black tights, and black pumps (because I don't have the right black boots). I also wore the pearls that JB gave me for our 10th anniversary.
Anyway, I know the dress is too big from under the bust on down. It was suggested at my last ASG meeting that I take it the center dart just in the front. That would make a difference and probably make me feel more comfortable. However, I can't manage to keep my weight steady and I hate to take the dress in and then not be able to wear it at all. I did get lots of compliments on the dress at knitting night and it was very comfortable all day.
By the way, nobody is home when I get ready for work except the dogs and there's that whole issue with opposible thumbs, so I had to wait until the end of a very long day, knitting night, and watching the eclipse to get JB to take some photos.
Can anyone tell me why one of my dogs always feels compelled to get into the photo?


  1. they get in the picture because they LURVE you too much!!!
    Nice work on the jumper.

  2. I hope you like the dress because you sure don't look too happy about it. I'd take the advice of the ASG group and take it in. I think you'd be happier. ;) But you're miles ahead of me. At least you got something finished and it's wearable!

  3. Ditto, what Jess said.....they wuv you, Mom.
    G, next time JB takes your pic....SMILE, GF!!!! Your hair looks good BTW!
    Like the dress, and the "purls", too. You need a nice wrap to go with it.

  4. Your body language in the first photo suggests you require a glass of wine in your left hand and a long cigarette-holder (think Ava Gabor in the other (or cake. Cake always makes for a lovely prop.) I almost bought some Zazu for the shop today... Tina Givens makes me panic, though. You may have to talk me through it. (off to have a xanax now) Cami

  5. i think the jumper looks fine the way it is. if your weight fluctuates, leave it alone. too tight is never a good look.

    btw...the doggies are adorable.

  6. It's nice to see you in your new dress - it looks comfortable and cozy. The pups always get in the photo because they think that something fabulous is happening and it can't be missed!

  7. The dress does look comfortable and cozy...what was going on that you weren't smiling?...I think you will have to decide what makes you feel good wearing it..loose or more fitted then let us know!


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