February 25, 2008

The Princess' Pink Christmas Gift

The Princess used to have just one winter coat and it was white. Then she moved to Connecticut. She started buying lots and lots of Winter coats. Go figure! I will never understand these girls who have to have 15 winter coats. Thankfully, her pretty pink set matches more than one. Anyway, sometime in October I decided that I would make her a pair of fetchings to have handy for slipping on when she ran Little Ann out to the bus. Of course, when you live in New England in the winter you need to keep your ears warm too. Being a little bit obsessive, the cables on the hat had to match the cables on the mitts. Don't ask why, just know that they do. Also, they have to flow to the end of the hat, they can't just end and leave you with some stitch that wasn't there before.
So knowing this, I cast on for the hat using one size larger needles than I had for the mitts. I cast on enough stitches that the cables where in pairs, with 2 going left then the next 2 going right around the hat. I have no idea how many stitches that was - I didn't write anything down. I knit along for awhile and then dropped a needle size to shart shaping the hat. Then I did a couple of decrease rows taking out one of the cable pairs, went down another needle size, and so on until I had enough stitches left to pull the yarn through and bind off.
I don't know if she actually wears this set, but I made it and it's lovely. It's a beautiful pink merino wool. Sitting in the basement at the computer, I wish that I had made some for myself! It's 50+ degrees outside with the sunshining, but really cold downstairs. No Fair!


  1. i LOVE it all!!!!
    You know..i live in New England, too.........just wondering if you knew.......

  2. Pink AND merino AND cables...I think I'm a tad green with envy.

  3. Hi G!
    The pink's pretty. I like it a lot. I'm sure she's loving them.....You never have too many coats.

  4. They are quite lovely. Fit for a queen, so to speak...

  5. Its gorgeous! I only wish you wrote down what you did!!! lol

  6. I do wear them! & I love them!
    and for the record..I only have 3 winter coats!


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