February 15, 2008

One Thing at a Time

See that? <---- Over there? That's the basket that that lives next to me on the couch - my favorite seat in fact. That's my pile of knitting in progress. From the top left - moving clockwise - the greenish brown is Cascade 220 for the contrast trim of the lattice & lace cardiagan; next - Trekking XXL 2 toes up at the same time for JB; next - Pink Princess socks; lattice & lace cardigan pieces; last - baby sweater minus buttons. Then, I don't think I've ever shown the finished pieces of the twin set that is being made from that --> yarn. The shell is pink with the brown trim and the cardigan is brown with the pink trim. It looks wonderful in the photo, but in real life the shaping was horrible. So - I ripped the top of the shell apart and am waiting to redesign the shaping. Meanwhile, I put the cardigan on hold too. Like I didn't have enough going on, this week I cast on this shawl for a gift. So for the next couple of days, I'm just going to breath and work through one project at a time. Hopefully next week I'll have at least one finished project to show.

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