February 28, 2008

My Heart

is heavy for my friend. So I give you photos of the dog who has my heart best.


  1. May Sadie find many friends across the Rainbow Bridge...

  2. I'm sorry for your friend.

    The last picture is precious.

  3. Ouch. My heart breaks for your friend. That's so hard to do...

  4. Oh Beau...he is such a cure for a heavy heart.
    There is for sure a special place in heaven for Sadie. Therapy dogs get extra cookies, i am sure.

  5. You have your Beau-man; Jess has her Henry and I have my Sunny...that 'special' place in the heart. The end of Sadie's life makes us appreciate them more every day.

  6. Beau is so cute, but it is good that sometimes we come across a tragic time with other very much loved dogs, that make us think about how much we truly love our very own pups! (and miss them very very much!)


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