February 11, 2008

Mmmmm, Baking

First - let me tell you all - I am not the baker in this house. That is JB's job. He makes The Best chocolate chip cookies in the world. They are light and fluffy and just totally yummy. But, getting him to bake anymore (since we are empty nesters) is darn near impossible. Daily, I check in with Leslie over at a a friend to knit with. She makes many beautiful knit projects and some have pushed me right over the edge onto a bandwagon I didn't think I want to jump on. She also has a cookie of the week post. Those cookies look so good each week, she has inspired me to bake. This week, I jumped in with both feet and made these Chewy Chunky Blondies. I actually had all the stuff in the house - butterscotch chips, coconut and pecans as well as chocolate chips. They aren't very pretty, but they are yummy!
Now, I will continue to work on JB to make a cookie each week :)


  1. hey, do you think JB will teach me how to bake cookies when you guys are here? I absolutely cannot bake. the cookies spread out totally flat across the sheet...every SINGLE time. I made snickerdoodles last week, the spread, spilled over the edge, and burned up on the bottom of my oven. it is pathetic. I can cook, i just cannot bake.

  2. Mmmm.......cookies! The blondies sound (and look) good.


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