February 5, 2008

Man was it a Monday!

Other than having really, really sore teeth - the day didn't start out too bad. I wasn't running late, I didn't forget my lunch. Nothing horrible. Okay, so why did my teeth hurt you ask? Well Beau tried to knock them out while we were playing on Sunday.
When I called the dentist they were worried enough that I had to leave work early to go see them and have extra done and the loose teeth wiggled. The end opinion is they are going to rush my orthodontist to get my new retainer finished and then I get to pretent I'm a teenager until my teeth are stable again.
Then I headed to the bank, grocery store, and home. I got an early start on dinner and then sat down and finished JB's Undulating Rib socks in Pebble Felici from Knit Picks. They still have a thread hanging because I tried something different this pair and just went up a needle size and did a regular cast off. I may have to pull it out and do the very loose woven cast off. I'll ask opinions at knitting on Wednesday. Here's a close up of the ribbing around the arch.
Next, I managed to get JB off the couch to help with the ball winder. It just hasn't been the same since Lucy ate it. The yarn over <--- there, it Trekking XXL. It has greens, yellows and some browns. It will make a nice pair of basic ribbed socks for JB. However I had to wind these balls 3 times each!!! Then I cast them on, but forgot the camera so I can show Chan what I do and I did something wrong because I ended up with a ridge on the outside of the toe - so they got ripped.
Finally I picked a pretty pair of lace socks to use that wonderful Lotus Yarns that Camilla sent to keep me from ordering sock yarn. I have never done a swatch for socks before, I mean how? I knit looser when I purl and most socks are knit in the round - which means no purls so how do you get an accurate gauge? Anyway - I tried it because I need new socks for me and I don't want to make them 3 time and don't want to do them both at the same time, I
want to use my pretty little wooden double pointed needles! And you can't stop me!!! Anyway - my swatch is really small - which is what I like - I like a snuggly sock. But I don't want the fabric to be sooo tight that they will be stressing the stitches each and every time I wear them. But I also don't like socks that are loose and sloppy and slip around on my foot or don't stay up my leg! Any ideas?


  1. Good grief! At least I can tell you how pretty all of the yarns and WIPs are. Does your mouth still hurt today?

  2. Oh mein GOTT...that made my mouth hurt just to read about it!
    Lucy at your ball winder? That little stink bomb!! Are she and Frederick kin????

  3. Hey lady, Trekking comes in a pull skein, no??? Don't stress winding it when its already done for ya, lol.
    Feel better!

  4. OUCH!!! Makes my teeth hurt!
    Love the pink socks, G. I knit looser when I purl too. Guess it's because you're my virtual teacher. :~}
    It is 74* so I just finished outside doggie baths. Love it when I can leave the clean-up outdoors.
    Now I'm too beat too cook.......hmmmm....dinner out????

  5. from Lucy Neatby's Fiesta Feet sock pattern, try knitting a garter stitch strip long enough to go around your leg for the top of the sock (slightly stretched), then pick up stitches along one edge, I think it's one per ridge but I knit these over 5 years ago, so I'm not sure if that's exactly correct...

    Jean Marie


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