February 13, 2008

Just Another Long Wednesday

Wednesdays are generally long days for me. I try to get to work early and get a head start on my day before eveyone shows up and I get pulled in 3 different directions at once. This week - I had a long dental appointment at 3:00 which meant I had to leave the office by 2:15 at the latest. I had to stop and pick up my new retainer on my way because it wasn't ready last week. Then I spent almost 2 hours on my head in the dental chair. What I thought was only 2 small fillings was actually 3 old (almost 30 years) silver fillings being removed, 2 small cavities being drilled out and all 3 teeth being filled with composite filling. I have 2 more being done in 2 weeks - fun huh? Then I went to knitting. See that picture? It's beginning lace. It's an idea I stole from Chan. I needed a great handmade idea for one of my pay it forward giftees and not only did Chan think of the perfect idea - she doesn't care if I steal it and use it too! So, I started on it tonight and it's going fast and it's fun!


  1. Good for you! I hope you are still enjoying it as you near the end. ;)

  2. Yuck! Dentistry... I need some work done and I'm trying not to think about it. I should probably have all my old fillings replaced too.
    Well, better to be proactive and replace them before they make the decision for you and just fall out, eh?
    Hey, is that an Argosy? I love that pattern!


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