February 24, 2008

Fruit Pizza

Last Friday night, we had dinner with friends. I was in charge of bringing dessert. The original menu had us all making individual pizzas for dinner with a salad so I said I'd bring fruit pizza for dessert.
Fruit pizza is really easy to make. If you are a baker start the day before. The crust is a huge sugar cookie. Since I don't bake, I start with refrigerate cookie dough. Roll it into a circle, place on a pizza pan, and bake according to the package directions. I don't have a traditional pizza pan anymore only a baking stone. It didn't work so well, the cookie stuck and the dough spread out over the edges and dripped all over my oven. But it tasted good.
Once your cookie has cooled you top it with Strawberry glaze. That's the pizza sauce. After that slice and arrange whatever seasonal fruit you like and have on hand. Mine was topped with kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, pear and banana.
So the dessert was big hit. It's great for potlucks and kids parties. Just remember that sugar cookies spread and don't roll your dough out too thin. Enjoy.


  1. YUM....i love fruit pizza!!!
    the spreading crust fiasco sounds like one of my adventures in baking.

  2. Sounds good!!! The crust sounds like my pizza I made last night, except my problems was the sauce....it ran over!

  3. That looks and sounds so good!!

  4. Love it!! I haven't made one in a while... You can also use a thick, chilled brownie dough...

  5. This looks really good - I'm going to have to have a pizza party/game night so I have an excuse to make this!


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