February 2, 2008

Fine Friday Night

One of my non-sewing/crafty goals for this year is to entertain more. To spend more time with friends. Every year, when I am writing out our Christmas cards I am amazed at the number of friends that I haven't seen since the holidays the year before.
I didn't want that to happen this year. Plus, we have this great "great room" off the kitchen. So I can set out appetizers on the bar counter. There is plenty of seating, but no music available - there's also no tv in that room.
Last night we have my friend from high school and her husband for dinner. We had a simple bruschetta, Spinach & Hot Ham Fake-Baked Pasta and Celery & Portobello Salad. I made a few changes - my friend doesn't eat meat, when I watched the original episode of 30 Minutes Meals, Rachael indicated that if you aren't a "meater" you could substitute artichokes for the ham. Which I did - it was very good. However, I had it ready well in adance of their arival and it got a little dried out baking to stay warm, but it was good. I also made changed to the salad since I don't like the texture of Portobello mushrooms, I used criminis instead. It was yummy.

We had a lovely time, visiting and breaking bread. I don't know why it takes so long to get together with friends.

The pictures? The flowers in the bed outside the front door of my office. I have always loved pansies - they always look so happy.


  1. That is one of my favorite flowers, too! I love your blog banner. Is that new?

    Your dinner with friends sounds terrific. It is so nice to just sit and relax with friends,isn't it!

  2. Love the pansies! I agree with you, they always look like happy faces.
    It is very warm here today...more like April than Feb.

  3. Pansies are among my most favorite flowers... I love their little faces.

    Sounds like some great treats for entertaining. Cheers!


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