February 24, 2008

Finally Finished!

Because the curtains all look the same, I'm not going to show you yet another picture of them. But trust me when I say they are all hung and I'm doing a happy dance. Now I'm looking for a certain set of embroidery designs, which I'm not finding easily. I would like to embroider a dish towel or two tonight to get a head start on getting my package out in the mail. How was everyone else's weekend?


  1. You've had the cutest notions lately! Where did you find those heart pins???

    As for us - my weekend went fast! I did manage to dye some onesies yesterday for a swap package.

  2. Yaa-hoo! I have a "place holder" now... just wanted you to come see it! C

  3. Whew! Yea, I can just picture you doing a happy dance to celebrate the completion of these babies. As for my weekend? I got to do some dancin' myself :-)


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