February 27, 2008


So, Sunday night I finally hung the last curtain panel. That's when I turned my attention to finishing my swap package and getting it out the door. Several years ago, when I worked for a local Viking dealer, I made some really cute dishtowels for The Musical One. So, after cleaning up the curtain mess & putting away the back-up machine (I started the curtains with it, I needed to finish them with it). I then started tearing my sewing room apart again. You see, those previously made dishtowels were so cute and I knew I had put everything together and set it aside to make a set for The Princess. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find them. But I did find 2 packages of purchased dishtowels to start with. Why do they package them in fours? So, I went upstairs, sat with JB and knit! Pouting. Fast forward to Monday morning. I had to get this package out in the mail. I was running out of time to do embroidery. So I went searching online. I found the French Chef's and ordered the COMBO Pack. But I
didn't see the place where you select your design format. They were sent to me in a format for a Bernina. UGH! It's the only format that my Viking software won't open and convert. I also ordered a set of Victorian Girls and Teri's service was exceptional as well. I then gathered opinions from
The Princess and Bonnie and it was decided that we all loved the chefs. So chefs it was. Monday I downloaded the designs and tried opening the chefs. (see above) I emailed the company, told her about my mistake and first thing Tuesday morning I had the designs in the format I needed. Great customer service. Tuesday Morning, I chose thread colors, wound matching bobbins - these are dishtowels and the back will show so I took the extra step of changing the bobbin with each needle thread change. Since there are only three colors per design - no biggie. I also starched the towels to death and used water soluble stabilizer on the back. It took between 30-45 minutes for each design to stitch out. I'm pretty happy with these - I want them! Of course, I don't know about you - but I will never get around to making a set of these for myself. The Princess will get some and I'll make more as other gifts, but I'll always just look longingly at them as I package them mail to someone else.


  1. omg... Wednesday's chef is darning his socks! I love him! Your swap partner should feel lucky indeed. I personally only own one whisk, and it's never clean when I need it. Ack.

  2. I think i really need these towels...i have no idea what to do when.
    just saying........


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