February 11, 2008

Black Shoes

I did finally manage to get out and go shopping for basic boring black pumps. I found both pairs at Payless and they really are basic, boring black pumps. The pair on the right has a 2.5" heel and a strap across the high instep - just under the ankle - but not around.
This pair (besides being really hard to photograph) has a higher heel and a little patent trim and bow on the front. They carry both of these style in a very nice brown, but had neither in my size - darn it!
On a side note - all weekend while composing this post (it was hard and took a ton of energy - you don't know!) I keep hearing the girls Girl Scout Song "Black Socks" running through my head. It's meant to be sung in rounds and goes like this:
Black Socks
They Never Get Dirty
The Longer You Wear Them
The Stronger They Get
I Think I Should Wash Them
But Something Inside Me
Tells Me Not Yet, Not Yet, Not Yet
The last year that both The Musical One and The Princess went to Girl Scout camp together they sang that song the entire drive home. I have never forgotten it. Scary, huh?


  1. I don't think those are boring at all. The ones with the strap are darling! Very cute.

  2. Shoe shopping is always fun!!

  3. We didn't get to sing cool songs like that back when I was a girl scout (so long ago... we had the dinosaur tracking badge). We just sang the classic "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

  4. One can never, ever have too many black shoes!

  5. The cookies look great, but now you're on my poooo list. I'll be humming "Black Socks" which I'd nicely forgotten for about 30 years...


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