February 8, 2008

Bits & Pieces

First up - I finished another pair of socks for JB. These are the Undulating Rib Socks from Favorite Socks. These were done with the standard JB sock recipe which reads as follows:
Cast on 16 stitches using the Magic Cast-on by Judy Becker (credit where credit is due). I increase 4 stitches every other row by doing a yarn over one stitch before the end on each needle. On the next row I knit into the back of the yarn over and you can't even see them! Thanks Cami. I had attempted to make a tutorial for Chan, but I'm using Addi's all I got was glare. So, for both Chan and Nicole here's the start of another pair of socks for JB. These are the Trekking XXL socks which I was having fits with the ball winder for. Those toes have about 16 stitches per side in that photo, I will continue increasing until there are 64 stitches total and then switch to some form of mind-numbing ribbing!
As long as we're speaking of Miss Camilla, look what dropped out of the bag of dog food the other day. I feed my dogs Blue, and they have doggy trading cards in each bag of food. Who know that Cami's alter ego Clementine was really a beautiful golden retriever!?!
The reason I had a lovely conversation with Camilla last Saturday was because I called her to tell her that I had hapilly paid $10 a yard for fabric and that I was making her another bag to display. I had picked up this fabric from the Tina Givens ZaZu line to make a new bag. Specifically I got TG21 and TG22 both in Raspberry. Originally, I had been thinking about making a nappy bag and adding lots of pockets to make it ideal for carting knitting around. I mean really - a girl can never have too many knitting bags, right? But then I saw the swing bag pattern and decided that it would be better. I love the chandelier fabric and can't wait to finish the curtains and get moving on the few craft projects swimming around in my brain so I can more on to making clothes again.
Happy Friday Everyone! Oh, and go visit Chan, she's bored!


  1. Love it all!! I wish I could sew...

    Boredom is about to fade away, after my needs to be stored scrappin' pile collapses, because of course, I want the book on the bottom...

  2. Love the fabric! Such a pretty color.
    ...and no, one can never have too many knitting bags. I'm using the bag you made me for my knitting. :-)

  3. Socks are fabulous! Love all their stripey-ness!
    And, about the whole Cami/Golden Retriever? I have a Golden and Cami is more like a bull dog - short and growly. :)

  4. Wow!! Love that Golden, for sure.

  5. I agree with Chan, wish I could sew... but then again, I already lack the knitting time I want, so another hobby wouldn't help. I had planned to make stitch markers this weekend, but never got around to it...


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