February 3, 2008


On Saturday, we had a really long staff meeting at the office. Where I got my duties dumped on my lap than I can possibly get done in one lifetime, much less stay on top of in a regular work week. But, hey - I'll survive. Any woooo - I was feeling very out of sorts and had some cash in my pocket so I decided to go shopping. I have joined the Sassy Apron Swap and we have been given our partners. So, I thought I'd go looking for a cute pattern some fabric that screams Spring. The pattern is Flirty Skirty from the Threaded Pear Studio and while I searched, I couldn't find it on their website - anywhere! While I was getting my fabric cut, the woman asked if I was going to make it reversible. Well - I hadn't planned on it, but let's walk around some more. The print is the main fabric for the apron and the soft blue polka dots will be for the pockets, strap, and ties. The rick rack goes all around the edges. The revisible side of the apron will be solid blue with the print as the pockets. Since I didn't want to fuss around with making the straps and ties double sided and different (because I don't want the wrong ties to show on the wrong side of the apron) the ties and straps will be from the blue polka dots. Finally, since this apron is completely trimmed in Jumbo rick rack - on this side it wil be bright orange! I plan to very carefully match up the rick rack on both sides so you don't see blue rick rack peeking between orange. I think it will look darling on Miss C (but I'll share that story and more photos tomorrow).


  1. send me a picture of your cutting table ;o)
    Jason is sending you a pic of my craft pile...aka "room" right now.

  2. Saturday office meeting? UGH. Have fun today!

  3. At least my Saturday morning required work didn't involve time in the office or a meeting :-)

    I'm so bummed that I missed the deadline for the apron swap - that would have been. The colors you choose are really fun and I'm sure your swap partner is going to be thrilled!


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