October 8, 2007

Random Monday

I am so late on showing this that the 'vultures' that are the rest of my family have already scarfed their gifts and ran with them. Last Thursday when I got home from work - there was a box on the front porch. Inside was a bunch of little gifties from The Princess, but don't bother going to look at her blog - it doesn't say much of anything lately!!! Inside the box were these lovely blondwood sox stix! They are short double needles, but I have been wanting to try them forever! As soon as I finish one of the pairs of socks currently on needles, I will use these little beauties to cast on a gift pair!
This next picture is for Bonnie. She's looking for a pair of sparkly shoes to go with her Santa Dress (scroll down). I offered to send her this pair that The Princess left for me when she moved, but alas, Bonnie has small fee and The Princess and I do not! These puppies are a size 10! Sorry Bonnie - they are really cute, too. Finally, I don't know what my issue with three day weekends, but I don't ever seem to be able to get half as much done as I would like. I did make it to WW for October WI on Friday - and yes I had to pay for being over-goal again! I also got my errands run, stuff crossed off my to do list, groceries bought, helped Claire move a bed, made a nice dinner on Sunday and then the weekend was over.
In the Stunt Stitcher category I have been working on a coordinating knitting bag and needle rolls. Last weekend I designed and made a double needle roll. This weekend I got a double needle roll and matching straight needle roll cut out of chocolate lollipop fabric sent to me by Camilla. I'm sure it's not what she expected, but I added some semi-solid fabrics from my own cotton stash to use with the beautiful prints she sent me. I have the bag cut out, the outside of the small roll made and the strip you saw above - the sash strip for the large roll. More progress to be made tonight during Monday Night Football!


  1. How Ruude! My blog does too say stuff! I just updated it now! I will try to update more, but I sertainly can't update it daily! Maybe every-other...or at least 3 times weekly! :)

  2. Cracking up over the Princess' reprimand!

    Those shoes do look cute. Bummer!

  3. The Princess did well with your gifts!

  4. Nice gifts. Well I guess she told you. LOL

    Love what you have done with the fabrics.

  5. Hi, G!

    Congrats on getting your needle roll done--very cute! I'm sitting here now watching you knit the toe on your pink sock. It looks like you're going to get that done, too. It was nice to sew with you this weekend. Come and check out the synchronized sleeping pics, and sometimes I even post new stuff!


  6. Random Monday? How 'bout a random Sunday post, Missy? Hmmm... I can only imagine you've been slaving away at your stunt stitcher duties. If, however, you have fallen in your sewing room and can't get up, I will feel just awful about teasing you. (but seriously, cam you think of a better room to be trapped in?) Cami


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