October 9, 2006

Well Isn't This Just a Fine Mess?

Remember this fabric? And how about this pattern? Well the fabric has now been made into a lined View A from the pattern. I made a muslin, took it in a little bit in the front so it wasn't so "pouchy" (that's the technical term for the extra fabric just under the belly). Today I wore the very cute cotton skirt to work with brown tights, shoes and a brown rayon jersey t-top made a couple of years ago that still looks great! It even passed the hubby test. He snapped a couple of photos of me in the great outfit - only now I can't find the cable to download the pictures. So, they are stuck in the digital camera. Isn't this a fine mess? Been working on the brown print skirt. I wanted it to be from the same pattern, but I didn't get enough fabric. After prewashing I needed 3 lengths and I only got 2. So, I cut out the old standby favorite KW skirt. I gave it a little bit of extra flare. There are some light blue flowers in the print, so I'm topstitching the seams with blue cotton thread, I inserted a blue invisible zipper, and I'm adding some pretty blue lace to the hem on the lining. Just little touches of blue that you will have to be really close to me to see :) Off to get more sewing done - that vacation is coming up fast!!

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