October 2, 2006

It's almost done!

I just ran through the house taking photos. Close ups of the fabric, the skirt hanging on the closet door with the hem looking like it needs a good pressing and Beauregard James who is upstairs pouting because I wouldn't share my breakfast with him this morning. Only to find that the computer software hasn't been installed. Last weekend the mother board in our old computer died, just as we got all high speed and into the current century with our electronics. I thought all of this stuff had been installed. Guess I was wrong. We also can't currently print and I have to figure that out too!!

{edited to add the folowing real post}

Above is a close up of the fabric. It is a really rich chocolate brown faux suede. Totally polyester, but I loved it! I was at Joann's for a pressing tool and bought 5 lengths of fabric. My goal is to get them all sewn up before vacation. Anyway, the paisley design is created by a ton of little lazer cut holes. There is a knit backing on the fabric so you can't see through however I lined it anyway.

The patterns started as the Carolyn skirt. I say started because this was the jumping off point for my white summer skirt which never got made! The hip curve of the Simplicity pattern didn't like me at all, so I overlaid this pattern with a Kwik Sew pattern that fits well.

As you can see over above, the skirt is hanging on the closet door. It's hard to see the pattern in the fabric, but it's there and it's really pretty. Last night while JB was watching the Seahawks get mauled by the Bears, I did the hand sewing. I sewed the lining to the zipper tape, tacked the waist facing down (although I think I'm going to need to stitch in the ditch through the facing to keep it down), and sewed the hem sections. This skirt has 7 panels. I sewed the hem of each gore separately since the skirt is long, I didn't want to catch a heel in the hem and have to redo the entire thing. This way only a section will come out. It still needs a good pressing. I think I'm going to press it over my velva board using self fabric as a press cloth. Hope to be able to wear it this week to work, but we're still having beautiful early Fall weather - I still have the top down on my convertible!!

Finally, here's Beau. He went upstairs to lay on a dog bed because I wouldn't give him the yogurt container after I finished. He was insulted and refused to sit in the same room with me. And now I've lost the photo of Beau which was here ealier!!! Frustrating. Thanks for all your help with this project this weekend.

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