October 5, 2006

Finished! But still no new photos

I pressed the hem in the suede skirt last night. I'm not thrilled with it, but it looks fine. Nobody is looking that closely at my hem, but I see little dimples. Not sure why. The Amy Buttler print is coming along. I inserted the invisible zipper last night. Now I'm trying to attach the lining. Trying being the operative word. When I took my machine in for a recall and update in August, the tech told me that a critical screw in the timing mechanism was missing. Apparently there are 3 screws, one was completely gone - gone! Nowhere to be found, one was loose and the third was just fine. They buttoned the machine back up because it was sewing just fine. And has been since then, until last night! So, today on my already full day off plate, I now get to run to the dealer who finally has the missing screw in stock and promised to stop whatever he was doing when I walk in and fix my machine. So, until that's done all I can do is cut stuff out! Since I tend to get really bored with stuff that is cut out way before I sew it - see the cute denim jacket for an example - I usually don't cut too many things before I'm ready to sew. So, off to start getting ready to run.

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