April 14, 2019

Italian Gardens

What I really enjoyed the most about being in the Italian Countryside in January was the lack of other tourists.  Often we were the only people in a particular garden - allowing us to run, play, take fun photos and have a good time - without interrupting anyone else.

On this day, after stopping for most of the fam to do a wine tasting (Pat, Eleanor & I don't drink wine) we headed to Villa Lante to see the formal gardens.  The day started out drizzly, but ended up being quite nice.

When we got to Villa Lante, we went in around the outside.  Walking past this beautiful fountain.  Formal Italian Gardens are filled with boxwoods and lots and lots of fountains.  

One of two identical buildings.  They were closed up and not in use, but were amazing.  I can only imagine living in one.

Looking down over one of the fountains.

From the top looking back down over the entire garden.  Isn't it spectacular?

This grotto was at the very top of the garden. 

Another water feature.

Some of the formal boxwoods and the designs created.


  1. What a lovely place! I can only imagine the work it takes to maintain those formal gardens.

    1. They were beautiful - even in the middle of January. Full of boxwood and all very lush - you need to get out of the Country and go explore - there's nothing stopping you!

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