November 15, 2018

Shirt Inspo

Many of you know that I make JB shirts.  I started making them years ago using the now out of print McCall's 4399.  A quick search shows a very similar current McCall's pattern.

I just want to say - I'm bored.  I'm bored with this pattern.  The only way to really jazz it up is with fabric - and using a contrast pocket and under collar.  A quick count in his closet shows that I have now sewn this pattern up twenty-one (21!!) times!  And all but 3 of those have been made in the last 15 months or so.  I've gotten pretty good at matching the pattern across the placket - I guess the next thing to do is match the pattern all the way around?  And the sleeves?  I would say 95% of the time you can't find the pocket, I've gotten pretty good at that matching.

But, what I really want to sew is shirts like these jazzy little numbers:

Look at those fun details!  Contrasting fabric on the cuffs, button bands, collar stands and under collars.  

But you might have noticed one thing.  Those are all tailored button down shirts.  JB is NOT a buttoned down guy and while I could make shirts like for him - it would be a waste of my time and fabric.  I'm better off leaving those fun details for me.  So - what do I do?  I find a new shirt pattern that has a few places to play.  

For the flag shirt, I started with New Look D0966 (6197)

This was a great jumping off point for adding a little of interest to my sewing projects.  The New Look pattern has a back faced yoke and separate front facing piece, but it's still only a one piece collar.  I am still on the lookout for a men's pattern with a collar stand.  

Also, while cutting this one out, I decided to make E a matching tunic.  More on both shirts coming in a future post - I need more photos and want to get this one posted.  

But - while we wait talk to me.  Do you sew for anyone else?  Do you do it because you like it or because they do?  Do you ever get bored with the garments you are making?  How do you keep it interesting and exciting?


  1. I make shirts for DH and DS. No WAY would they ever allow me to add fun elements like contrasting plackets, and/or collars and cuffs. Heaven forbid! (I do add a fun yoke lining made out of some wild scrap fabric, but it is allowed only because no one will ever see it.)

    I keep myself fresh in the shirt-making department by looking for/coming up with ways to refine my techniques. Right now I am working on developing a step-by-step written version of the shirt collar video that was hot on the nets a few months ago: I've already tested out the collar point turning method and it is now my FAVE.

    The only other thing that keeps shirt-making for my guys from being boring is remembering how GRATEFUL they are. Both are built in a way that neither RTW nor unaltered patterns fit, and the fact that they have personalized shirt patterns thrills them both. I guess that's what it is all about!

  2. Kwik Sew has the best men’s patterns. Have you looked there? This has a separate collar stand. But it’s only one of a half dozen men’s shirt patterns they have.
    I think it’s hard to avoid boredom if you’re making that many of the same shirt in that short a time period. Shake it up a bit, sounds like he’s set for shirts for awhile. Sew something for yourself!

  3. My kids call those CAM shirts. I made many of my husbands wool shirts that he actually wears for jackets.

  4. I don't think Shannon really likes me sewing for Nora, so I made a dress for Maddie a couple of weeks ago, and she loved it. I can see more in her future. But I probably need a couple more patterns to go full tilt crazy.

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