November 22, 2018

Making Boy Clothes A Bit More Girly

Once I knew that my daughter was expecting, I started collecting all the patterns.  She did not find out what she was having until the handed her the baby.  So - I had to buy infant, boys and girls patterns.   I remembered how Melizza of Pincushions and Treats dressed her son up in the cutest little button down shirts ever.

Not wanting a good pattern to go to waste - last Christmas I made Eleanor a tunic using McCalls 6016 and left overs from #flannelpantsfactory.  But - I didn't want her shirts to look too boyish.  So, for her Christmas tunic, I lengthened the body 3" at the lengthen/shorten line and because it was a flannel shirt, I extended the sleeves to be full length.    Oh - and once it was done, I zig zaged some elastic at the waist on the inside to pull it in a bit and make it a little bit more feminine.

Krystle says she loved this shirt and she wore it quite a bit, until the cuffs got too small.  I then cut the sleeves short and rehemed them and she wore it until it didn't fit.

I also made her some pale pink wool leggings to go with this camping tunic.  This flannel was left over from my SIL's flannel Christmas pants.  I think this was a fun way to dress her up in flannel and keep her warm. 

All pictures were taken in January 2018 while we were on a family vacation.  Eleanor wasn't quite walking yet and she'll turn 1 right after we get home. 

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