April 12, 2016

Just Another Concord

If you've been living under a rock, you might not know that Cashmerette released a new pattern today.  That pattern is the Concord t-shirt.  Concord is a versatile pattern which includes many neckline, sleeve and even hem options.

I opted to sew this one up for The Musical One.  She has a much larger bust than I do and I think she was feeling a bit left out when her sister took not 1, but 2 Appletons home!

I should take a minute here to point out that I was a tester for this pattern and in exchange I received a free printed pattern.  But Jenny never asks her testers to share their projects with anyone but her - and in fact, I don't think I ever shared these 'better' photos with her.  

The fabric used was a thinnish jersey that I'm guessing I bought from Fabric.com.  There wasn't much - just enough for a top - but the pattern was fun and lovely.
I made a straight size 22G.  And honestly - it looks like she could use more room through the bust.  She loves the length and the curved hem.  

I have plan to make many more of these tees - but for me and no her ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing these of DD! It reminded me that I do have photos of me in my tee too that I should share!

  2. Looks like she loves it! Very cute!

  3. Love the fabric. She looks great!

  4. What cool fabric! I can't wait to see what you make for yourself. I just cut another one out. :)

  5. That's a cute top; I'm sure J will enjoy it. Love the fabric pattern; it looks good with the black skirt.

  6. Lovely tee for your daughter!

  7. This looks great!! You have lucky daughters! Also I love the new look or the blog!


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