April 1, 2016

Knitting Pile O' Shame

I have this pile of knitting on a chair in my house.  It's where I put finished knits before blocking.  And some of these have been waiting for a long time!
And honestly - they didn't all make it in the photo!

From the top:  Hitofude cardigan.  Knit with Cashwool held double.
This took a long time for me to knit - but only because it kept being set aside for other projects.
I finished it while Carolyn was in town in February.

 Next is a basic cowl.  This is another version of the bias loop cowl.
I have at least 2 dresses that will match this cowl and probably a few more items of clothing.

Next is Follow Your Arrow 2.  At this point - I don't even know what clues I followed.

This is a shawl - it was a mystery knit pattern by Wendy Knits and I think I knit it back in 2013.
Yes!  2013.  If I remember correctly, Krystle dyed the yarn for me.

Next - this is Through the Loops Mystery Shawl.  Maybe from 2014.
I love the way this looks.  But if you know me - you know I love prints - so what do I wear this with?

Last in the pile - this lovely half round shawl with a rows of a daisy lace.  
The yarn is Madeline Tosh and it's lovely.  The color is a fabulous neutral.

So - now that I've shared my shame - let's see if I can show you some 'finished' knit photos.
I'm going to aim for by the end of April - but as you can see from my 'avoidance' track record - I make no promises!

What's the longest it's taken you to "finish" something?


  1. Oh my goodness! I remember reading on Ravelry how other knitters do the same thing. Knit, finish and then put aside to block later (much much later). There are enough knitters like that that I've considered opening up a small business blocking for other knitters!

  2. You are such a prolific knitter. How how envy that trait (and hard work). My patience for knitting does not last long. :(

  3. I'm a crocheter & have 3-5 unfinished projects . Baby afghans I whip thru - it's the items for me that sit

  4. my goodness! You do a LOT of knitting. so jealous!!! so many pretty things. I have a sleeveless sweater that needs to be blocked. I haven't been able to knit or sew for a couple months due to shoulder injury, hip surgery. Shoulder surgery this week means it will be a couple more months before I can knit or sew again. I have to live vicariously through everyone's projects.

  5. Stripes and florals are big together this year. So you can wear the patterned shawl with a floral of similar color (or even with a similar background). I hope you get those pieces blocked soon so you can start to enjoy them! Maybe get Krystle or Jess to help?

  6. I have a crazy knitting pile of shame!! Mine are mostly partially finished projects, and not projects that just need blocking, but still.
    And yes, I did dye that yarn! (But my dying stuff is one of the things that I let go of during our KonMari process.)


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