July 9, 2008

The Wool Stopped

here. Which coincidentally just happens to be the same place where I broke my wee little 2.0mm knit picks harmony circular needle I was using to make both of these socks at the same time.
More information about these socks can be found here, here, and on ravelry.
I did a knit one, slip one purl with yarn in front heel carrying two cables down the sides of the heel flap. I worked it for 4 repeats of the cable. It's a longer heel than I would normally make - but I'm liking it. Because of that - I picked up a ton of stitches on the side of the heel flap - 28 on each side. But I decreased 2 stitches from the edge on most every round.
How do you photograph your own feet? It's so not easy. I've never really designed my own socks before and I really like these. They were fun to knit, mindless once I figured out what part of the "cable" I really wanted to used and I managed to knit them up in under a month - with another sock on the go and the started cardigan. Thanks Cami.


  1. Nice color; I like how it matches your toenails. It's harder than you think to take a picture of your feet, isn't it? My daughter had to draw her own foot for an art class, and it was a laugh to see her contorted to hold her foot so she could see it, and still hold her sketch book. These socks will be great when it gets cooler again!

  2. Only you would match your toes to the socks in progress. ;) I don't take photos of my own feet anymore. Lost interest, patience and whatever else it takes.

    LOVE the socks. Great pattern, color... everything.

  3. the socks are beautiful. one day i want to grow up and make socks like that. :)


  4. Love the socks - the color is beautious!

  5. OMG the socks are to DIE for! I need to catch up on reading. Lots of stuff happening here.

    Love the floppy eared dog shaking his head picture in the first post. TOO cute.

  6. these are gorgeous!!! i so want to learn to knit socks!!!

  7. I love the socks. What did you do about the yarn shortage? I had the same problem with the shawl I've been working on and ripped it back 3 times before I was finally able to bo. argh


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