July 5, 2008


Once upon a time my friend Miss C sent me some pretty pink sock yarn. I found a pattern, modified the heck out of it and began knitting it. Due to errors with my own ability to knit two socks that match when I knit them on double pointed needles, I am knitting them both at the same time from the top down.
Right after I turned the heel and picked up a million gusset stitches I started to panic. There is no way I'm going to have enough of this pretty Lotus Yarns to make an entire pair. What was I going to do?
I went to Lotus Etsy shop (I'd link, but the Love My Way yarn was the last bit there). As I just mentioned, Lotus was cleaning out her shop and only had one hank of Love My Way left. I snapped that puppy up and had it in had by Thursday.
I think it might be a little bit lighter, but the good news is that it will be on the foot. I have now finished all the gusset decreases and an now working my way down the length of my long foot! Some day soon these will be finished.


  1. That is indeed a lovely pink. Lucky you to snap that up!

  2. ...and sometimes when it looks like another project will bite the dust, you just get lucky. You, my friend, are one lucky girl. My youngest daughter loves socks; whe probably wishes HER mommy would learn to knit socks! I love this color; I'm on a pink kick the past year or so - if only I could find nice Kelly Green to go with my zillions of pinks. *sigh*

    Hope you, JB & the hairy "kids" had a fun 4th.


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