June 14, 2007

Pink Dress

The Pink Dress is Simplicity 3877, View C. I made this dress once before and you can see it here. I love the Happy Dress which is what it has become known as. This version isn't floating my boat - maybe it needs a time-out in the magic closet. It's still not finished. I still need to stitch the lining to the zipper, and it needs to be washed and have a good pressing. But the rest is done. This dress is fully lined because the pink polka-dot fabric was very thin. I lined and underlined the bodice. So the front of the bodice has 2 layers - one fashion fabric and one is a lightweight white cotton. I made a second skirt and added lace to the hem of the white lining. But, I wasn't thinking ahead - I put the pretty side of the lace on the public side of the lining - so all the seam allowances on the skirt portion are on the inside. What is the best way to handle that? If I wanted all the seam allowance together so the dress was pretty on both the inside and the outside, then if the lining showed, so would the seam allowances. I don't know - did I do this right? At this point - I don't love it. To me it just screams 'made with loving hands at home.' I'm hoping that it's the super crappy JoAnn's poly-cotton fabric that I used and not my sewing skills, but I'm reserving judgment for another day.
If nothing else - maybe the Princess will like it. She would look very cute in it. By the way, the dress is a little loose on me - maybe I over padded the dress form. I also think I have a little bit more of a waist in real life and I hate to think that my hips really look like that - but I guess I'd have to put the dress on and take a picture of me wearing it to prove that. Since I'm still wearing a bathrobe - that ain't about to happen today! Next Up - And instant gratification project. I am in need of a new skirt, just because I have some cute fabric waiting, I know I can make it quickly and it will look good!!! Tonight JB and I are off to see Tim McGraw & Faith Hill! I'm very excited.


  1. Of course, I love anything flashy-I am a magpie at heart- but I think your dress needs some trim around the collar, or on the belt, or on the hem, or all three...

  2. G - I think it needs a wider white belt. Something to break up the expanse of pink. I also was going to mention that if you've padded your dressform to your size, that dress is too big for you.

  3. Hey Gaylen, thanks for stopping by the blog, (and you are entered for the yarn draws on the 24th) and I love the busy, purple dress. The pink one looks lonely and pale. Perhaps if you bought her a nice prep grosgrain ribbon belt in a shockingly 'Lilly Pulitzer' lime/ turquoise/pink colorway it would perk the gal up. Or decide that you will only wear the pink dress with a strawberry daiquiri in one hand and a giant floppy hat on your head. Just call everyone 'dahlin' when you wear her royal pinkness and no one will notice the dress (though will they suspect you've had aneurysm?) Glad you made yourself known... I love visitors! Cami

  4. ok, it's been a couple of days since you posted about this, but everytime i think of "made with loving hands at home", i crack up. I don't know why...it is just funny. Maybe because that is what my knitted things (and the dog i made you!!!) look like!


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