June 19, 2007


Okay - I'm so not in love with The Pink Dress. I think it's because it just looks so blah! I really like this pattern, though, so may try it again in a cute cotton print. I'm reserving judgment as I think it's just the fabric that makes it look so meeh to me. I think this paraphrased comment from Camillaknits says it all: "The pink one looks lonely and pale. Perhaps if you bought her a nice prep grosgrain ribbon belt in a shockingly 'Lilly Pulitzer' lime/ turquoise/pink colorway it would perk the gal up. Or decide that you will only wear the pink dress with a strawberry daiquiri in one hand and a giant floppy hat on your head. Just call everyone 'dahlin' when you wear her royal pinkness and no one will notice the dress (though will they suspect you've had aneurysm?)" The good news is that The Princess likes the dress. It would appear to be a bit small across her larger than mine bust, but she likes it. She did take Claire's suggestion and ask for a white tie, which I have yet to make. For that matter, I still haven't sewn the lining to the dress at the zipper or run it through the washer. But it will happen and soon. It looks like the hem is slightly uneven in the side view - but I'm okay with that. Since I put pink lace on the lining of the skirt, she also asked me to shorten the fashion fabric so that the pink lace would peek out. We may do that when she gets home from Connecticut. More about the adventures of The Princess to come. Now that I'm late getting ready for work (I had to catch up with all my blog reading) I guess I should go get in the shower. My life is finally starting to feel normal again - I did take most of Friday off (I had to go to the office for a meeting and was there for about 3 hours). I got Costco and regular groceries done, laundry mostly finished (hand knits that need to be hand washed remaining), and housework done. I also caught up with my shows recorded on the DVR. Carolyn did you see the Season Opener of The Closer last night? Loved it! So glad she's back on!


  1. I laughed right out loud reading Camilla's commentary!
    So glad that Princess likes it - isn't it downright scary that the young ladies in our lives are wanting to wear the same clothing styles we're wearing? That's happening more around here too..I'm just hoping it's that they're growing up rather than that I'm sliding into the old lady who's dressing too young.

    I do like her idea of a white sash with it.

  2. Gaylen - I thought of you last night when it came on...wondered if you were watching! Y'know Kyra Sedgwick was on Inside the Actors Studio on Sunday morning and she was talking about all the things they are doing to update Brenda this year. It should be interesting and yes I really liked the first episode...

    Now back to sewing...*smile* I vote for adding a wild print ribbon to the dress too! And your daughter is beautiful!

  3. Still, it's a lovely dress! Very well cut and made up :)
    On top of the white sash, how about accenting the hem, neckline and sleeves with white rickrack?


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