June 25, 2007

Manic Monday Miscellany

Okay - I'm having a hard day. It got better this afternoon, when for whatever reason, everything anyone said was hysterically funny. So, here's how my week is planning on going: *tonight, finish the pink dress. This morning I made the white sash, cut, sewn, pressed, top stitched - done! I pinned the lining to the zipper tape and it only needs hand sewing. *find a quick, easy fun project to get sewn this week *cast on my new malabrigo lace weight for the scarf I have planned *Tuesday The Princess is coming over so we can cut and piece the back of her duvet cover. We finished the front last night. *Wednesday knitting in the garden with my girlfriends at Great Yarns *watch The Closer! *get back on the treadmill *the weather is turning nice so talk JB into walking dogs again. *Friday is a PSD - I'm not doing housework, I'm not procrastinating and doing other things. I have a dress cut out and I want to work on it.

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