May 14, 2006

A Little ASG Challenge

Being inspired by Julie's sponsoring of SWAP each year, one of the members of our CAB Group has issued a challenge to the Neighborhood Groups to create a SWAP (either full or mini) and wear it to the Annual Meeting. The Neighborhood Group that I lead just happened to have our May meeting yesterday and everyone is game! We made a few executive decisions for our group. First, at the beginning of this year, we agreed upon a pattern and decided we were all going to make the same one to see how different it could look. That pattern is the Capri Jacket by Textile Studios.

My fabric for this jacket will be a mottled burgundy/orangish boucle knit from

Emma One Sock. I have had this fabric for quite some time and am looking forward to actually using it. Because our group has had more than one field trip to Marsha's Studio (Textile Studios) I know that this heavy knit will work for this jacket. My print is from Vogue Fabrics and I have had it for awhile too! So, it is nice to be planning to use up some fabrics that have been around here, hanging over my head - so to speak.

Second, we agreed that at the bare minimum everyone would make the jacket. I'm looking forward to how different they will all look. Progress Report on May To-Do List: * finish print jean jacket - cut, interfaced and ready to sew. Actually, the pieces weren't previously interfaced, but they are now. No other progress has been made as my sewing room was hijacked by a teenaged daughter. *I need new skirts, decide on 3 styles/patterns and find fabric in the stash - nothing! Other than I pulled 3 pieces of fabric for skirts, no pattern decisions have been made. 2 of the pieces are prints and they just seem busy to me for skirts, plus memorable. I like forgettable clothing for most of my daily work stuff. How do others feel about this? *Finish sleeves of Wool-Ease sweater currently on the needles, and sew up. *Beau bag - find the printer fabric is the next step. I have decided which photos, embellishment and dog print fabric to use. *Knitting bag and needle roll x 2 - got this cut out and now have a shopping list of necessary items to complete. *Dog print tote bag - see above as it's in the same stage of non-progress! *couple of dog bears from fake fur - can't find the fur. Maybe I used it all. I won't buy more if I'm out because the truth is, they just eat it. Here's some of the pictures I plan on using on the Beau Bag, which do you guys like? So, I fibbed for now. Blogger isn't cooperating with my 'puter. So I'll edit this post to add the pictures tomorrow :) Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone.

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