May 1, 2006

I Seam to be in a Slump

Not much crafting has been going on in my sewing room of late. I did manage to get the table semi-cleared (only to pile more stuff on it). A couple of Friday's ago, we went to the horse races. I took the demin skirt I was working on to unpick the triple stitched side seams in the car. Because who would think something like trying it on before topstitching the daylights out of everything is important? I will know better next time - promise :) Anyway, this weekend I did manage to press the seams and resew them with 3/8" seams instead of 5/8" seams. That and really focussing on my weight management program seams to make the difference between a skirt that fits and one that looks like a sausage casing. Not at all attractive - unless maybe I want to try a career as a street walker - NOT!! Still have no photos. My home computer is so slow it isn't funny and uploading photos is so slow it's painful. Plus I think JB may have downloaded something icky. Anyway . . . I have project looming, deadlines that have long past and no motivation to do anything. Babysteps. This week I WILL *finish the topstitching on the denim skirt AND attach the waistband; *I will trace at least one size of the baby layette pieces *I will cut out fabric for a mystery bag *I will continue working on a wool long sleeved sweater that I have cast on and am enjoying working on. How's that for babysteps?

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