March 21, 2006


There has been no sewing going on at my house, precious little knitting too. I'm at a stalemate. There has been reading, but sadly not about sewing or knitting. There has also been dog walking - lots of it. Got in the way of some scarce sewing time. But the day was perfect for hiking on trails with a dog - so that came first. Sunday I tried something new. I used the fusible bias tape from LJ Designs in the neckline of one of the pink knit tops. It got hemmed. Looked good, so I fused the bias tape into another pink top that already had the neckline finished. That neckline worbled a little bit, so I'll cut off that hemming and re-finish the neckline. It will be a little lower cut, but since I have no chest to speak of it will be fine. The Musical One sent me an email with information on including photos and links, but at home, I've had no time to figure it out. While at work they want me to work! Go figure. Anyway - I promise to look into it this weekend. Finally, I ordered samples from for new curtains. I strongly dislike heavy drapes, so I plan on covering the windows in the living and dining rooms with sheers and then curtains. Some fun, tab top thing - I think. Anyway - surprisingly enough, the fabric I like the best at the office (which doesn't help much since the painted walls and furniture aren't here) is only $6/yard. Maybe these won't be horribly expensive after all. I did manage to slip a few nice pieces of fabric in for me as well. 3 brushed poor boy knits; blue, pink & cream. Enough of each to make a sleeveless turtleneck top, tank & cardigan. Maybe a little more of the cream. I also purchased 4 yards of an oatmel and cream linen stripe that is screaming skirt - now to figure out if I need to line, interline, underline, etc! and a chocolate silk suiting for a skirt. This last piece has me totally stepping out of my comfort zone. In the next post I promise to update everyone with how I did on my weekend to-do list. There are photos of finished projects - I promise!

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