March 18, 2006

I'm still procrastinating

I'm still procrastinating. I think the linen that never got made up from last years' SWAP might become a skirt this year. I could still add the embroidered embellishment. Might go work on that. What needs to get done today? * Block the Comforting Jef squares - I have 4 finished and planning on mailing Monday * Finish the fleece quilt * Finish the 3 hot pink tops for SWAP * Walk big dogs - 75 minutes or more :) What have I been doing instead? * walked the short dogs - 40 minutes * went to doctor with hubby and out to brunch - 3 hours * checked up with my friends on sewing world, weight watches and all the sites I 'frequent.' * contacted the woman we are donating our piano to about picking it up. Okay - time to get off the computer now and get some of the stuff on the to-do list done!

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