March 29, 2006

A Little Bit of Progress

Well I finally have all 3 of the bright pink/fushia cotton knit tops done. In fact, I'm wearing one of them today. I have learned and changed how I worked with the knit on each top. The first top was from Kwik Sew 3159 my absolute all time favorite t-shirt pattern. Made strictly according to the pattern. I used the angeld seam overcast stitch on the neckline and sleeve hems. This stitch gives the edges that little scallop. I love it. Done up to the hem, I took the top to last month's ASG meeting. Noticed that the neckline and sleeve edges were a little stretched out. One of the members suggested using the bias fusible tape. I then set this top aside while I waited for the tape to arrive. The second top was from the same pattern, but the neckline was altered to be more of a graceful v-neck. I don't know that 'graceful' makes any sense, but I curved the v-neckline and I really like it. I waited to turn under the neckline after applying the fusible bias - this neckline looks better than the first one, but both are wearable. On both of these tops I used the double sided fusible on the hems.

The final top is from OOP McCalls 4600. The first time I made this top up in a burgundy wool knit. It looks good, but is a little large, the shoulder seams are enough off my shoulders that my husband noticed! So, I traced the pattern again - thank goodness I didn't cut the pattern tissue! Anyway I traced a small through the neckline, shoulders and armscye and a medium for the sides. I also measured and traced a square neckline and square facings. I used double sided fusible for the sleeve hems and bottom. Looks much better. However the faced neckline seems to gap a little bit - is this because it's too large still? Hmmm . . . I'll ask the group at Sewing Guild on the 8th.

I have learned a few things making these three tops. First - always start with a new needle - especially with knits. Second - those fusible tapes make a huge difference. Plan on iron it on before the fabric has been handled too much. Bias fusible on the neckline and shoulder seams. Double fusible for hems. Finally - they all look and fit better than I could purchase in ready-to-wear.

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  1. Hi Gaylen...and thanx for wanting to join the Creative Fashion Sewing Webring! You need to insert the ring's "code" into your blogger template to become active in the ring. I have been trying to contact you through your AOL email, but the messages keep bouncing back to me.

    Please contact me at and i can send you the code and/or answer any questions you might have.

    I am so sorry i had to contact you through this comments box, but all email messages continue to bounce!

    Thanks for getting back to me,



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