March 21, 2016

Upcoming Projects - Inspired by Carolyn - Topper

Photo borrowed from Carolyn's Blog
Way back at the end of February, when Carolyn was in Seattle being pestered by my dog, we did a tour of the fabric shops in Seattle.  

Weather-wise the day was mostly nice - that is until we were getting close to Nancy's Sewing Basket.  Nancy's is a lovely store and the staff are so friendly and nice.  

I didn't take any photos during the day - because I wasn't planning a blog post - I don't often think that far ahead. ::hem::  So, I've borrowed the picture of the Wardrobe from Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter in the window at Nancy's.  

Both Carolyn and I noticed the window on our way in - but we really didn't linger and look because it had decided to act like Seattle weather at that point and it was raining sideways!  We wanted to get inside - because of course - I left the umbrella in the car  :\

Tamara (Somerfield Studio) was working at Nancy's that day - and she was wearing the topper from the book.  We all started talking about toppers and looking through Everyday Style which was right on the front counter.  The gals at Nancy's all pulled out Kwik Sew 4104 which Carolyn also recommended to knock off her topper which was a take-off from the Vogue 1247 skirt.  

Anyway - I bought the book.  And I plan to make the topper.  

When I bought the book - I immediately thought of this lovely blue textural fabric that's been in my stash for some time.  I have plenty and it's always been destined for a coat - but should it be an 'outerwear' coat, or something fun like this topper?  The paisley in the corner was originally purchased to make a dress - but I think will make fabulous bias tape for binding the seams as this binder is unlined.  

As I said, Tamara was wearing the topper when we walked into Nancy's.  As sewists do - when we started talking about them, she ripped it off and threw it at me to try on.  She told me which size she sewed and I was sold.  Having tried it on - I know that I only need to add a bit of width through the hips - about 2" on the back only.  I can easily add that when I trace the pattern - soon.  I plan to do it soon.    

I also have this fabric combo which I think will make a lovely topper - maybe with the front turned back like in the window display.  

But - I have a question for you - how would you style a topper?  Talk to me - because basically - I can't dress myself.  


  1. chunky necklace and/or bangles!!!

  2. I'm wearing mine over jeans and leggings...sometimes with a sleeveless turtleneck...sometimes with a t-shirt. The thing I love about toppers is that they tie everything together, make a casual outfit classy without making you feel overdressed.

  3. It looks like it needs to have something slim fitting underneath like Carolyn suggested. I think it would look good with a dress with a slim skirt, tights and boots. Of course spring is here so probably not the tights and boots anymore!

  4. I love the idea of a topper. I think they work well if you style them sort of like a blazer. So they can work over a dress, if it's the same length or a bit shorter. Or over a fitted top and pants/jeans.

  5. Whatever you do, that fabric will make it beautiful! Hope you and JB had a nice Easter.


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