March 12, 2016

Carolyn's Visit

Nancy's and District Fabric Purchases
 As you may (or may not) know - Carolyn was in Seattle a few weekends ago.  We toured the majority of the Seattle fabric stores - I've learnt from the comments that we missed a few.  We went to Expo on Saturday and Sunday we went to lunch, hung out and watched the Red Carpet.  You can read all about the weekend from Carolyn's point of view.

Sewing Expo Purchases
I thought it's about time I shared my fabric and intentions.

This fabric came from District Fabric.  It was in the clearance end and was marked at $2.50 a yard!  This is one of 3 pieces that Carolyn and I both bought.  It was said several times over the weekend - If Carolyn is buying it and I'm drawn to it - I better buy some because she doesn't want to hear it when I grumble that I should have bought some when I see her finished garment.  I believe we both plan to make skirts from this piece.  It is a fabulous tiny pin cord and it's amazing. 

This is another District purchase.  I'm pretty sure I have multiple pink floral jerseys - but this one was amazing.  So slinky and rich looking.  It screamed at me that it needed to be an Appleton in my closet - and so it shall be - hopefully soon!!

Our first stop at Expo was the Tilton booth.  I found this lovely floral sateen (sensing a theme?) and started looking for a jersey to pair it with.  It wants to be a Washington dress - ever since seeing We Bought a Manor's Washingtons - I have needed to make one.  I know I have some black ponte - but I'm hoping I have some black pleather as well.

One of the things I was looking for at Expo was a piece of fabric that would work with the lace I bought at Nancy's.  This piece of lace is stunning!  I thought the fabric would become a Carolyn Skirt to be worn with a bow blouse.  We'll see if that's the pattern I end up using.  

This fabric I must have picked up when someone else was having it cut.  I purchased it at the Vogue booth and it says shirtdress to me.  The fabric is very light so I'll have to make a slip to wear under it.  But those roses - lovely!  (3rd floral!)

Another fabric that both Carolyn and I both have yardage.  Again - I think this one should be a shirtdress.  I think Carolyn has different plans for her piece.  And at least one other local friend has a piece of this fabric.  

The final shared piece of yardage between Carolyn and I.  She thinks this should be the middle McCalls dress with the full skirt for me - but I think the fabric might be a bit too thin and slinky for that dress.  Pretty sure I would need to underline the bodice in organza to make this work - but would the skirt need to be underlined as well - or could I just wear a slim petticoat under it?  If that plan doesn't work - then one of the tops on either side should work for this fabric.  

I bought one more piece of fabric.  This one was in Billie's and it 's a beautiful black and white sateen with a lovely border print.  It has Maggie London printed on the selvedge.  Honestly - I've decided that Maggie is my kryptonite - I can rarely walk away from it.  Sitting on top of it are my new Kai scissors.  I'm hoping to actually use them soon.  This fabric also wants to be a shirtdress.    

And here are the shirtdress options in my pattern stash.  I should be able to find one that works - right?  


  1. I have some black pleather. I think you only need a quarter yard for the insert. Do you want me to send it to you? And through my fabric haze I remember some of those purchases but you got some pretty pieces!

  2. I love to read about fabric purchases! I particularly love the fabrics you chose for the Washington Dress. Sew on! :)

  3. Great start to a lovely Spring/Summer wardrobe!

  4. Good morning Gaylen! Beautiful fabrics...I think I would have picked up all of those too! I so wish I could have made it up there for's been too long since I've seen you and I would love to meet Carolyn in real life! And Maggie London? I can't resist her either! I think Fabric Mart is aware of! Can't wait to see your makes...

  5. Oh, wow! Fabric nirvana!! So much to sew and so little time! :) It really sounds like you both had a wonderful weekend. I'm making plans to finally go up to Sew Expo next year!

  6. Oh, I love your florals! I hope I have time to start sewing again some day!

  7. Some lovely florals for summer and I look foward to seeing your makes.

  8. Oh I really like That McCalls 6885. Must look for that one. Your florals all look so fresh and springy. I am so fond of florals.

  9. Love all your fabrics and the plans on what to do with the! Glad you gals had another great visit!


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