October 29, 2012

JB's Birthday

For JB's birthday we headed off to Las Vegas so he could participate in the SRT Track Experience

Earlier this year, he bought his midlife crises car - a Dodge Challenger SRT8.  I'm okay with this as long as he doesn't want a midlife crises wife!

The car came with enrollment for one person in the Drive Experience.  Since they were holding the drive day on his birthday we decided that was the perfect day to attend!
While it wasn't what he expected - he had a great time!  In the top photo he was finishing the Autocross Challenge - this is a low speed obstacle course.  Our team won the challenge between the two meaning we had the best time and least penalties of the day!  Whoo Hooo!!

In the next photo, he was participating in the Performance Drive.  He's in the red Charger at the back.  In this portion of the class there is a professional driver in the lead car.  This is the car I rode in when I went along.  They went around the track (not a NASCAR Loop) as fast as the 2 people could keep up. 

Birthday Boy!


  1. Doing something you love is the BEST way to spend a birthday. I'm glad that you were able to be a part of this experience. I sounds like a lot of un.

  2. I would have loved that. I love fast cars. Glad you both had such a good time at his birthday present.

  3. Wow, what a great way to spend his birthday - love his midlife crisis car !

    Happy Birthday JB :-)

  4. I won't let Rob read this. He's wanted his mid-life sports car for quite a while and mean wife won't let him have it.

  5. Neat! I'm glad you both had fun. The Knight has his eye on his midlife crisis car too, but...

  6. What a great gift and perfect timing!!!! i would have been scared


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